University of Calgary Shares “A Blog about Energy Issues”

Human imagination is a powerful tool. On one extreme, this imagination creates stories to help us understand our world and our place in it. On another extreme, imagination explores the universe and applies those discoveries into technology. Science fiction stories synthesize these two extremes of human imagination to help people find their place in a world with rapidly changing technology.

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NAYGN’s Postcard Push Day 2018

Postcard Push Day is one way that NAYGN is reaching out to government officials to ask for their support of nuclear energy.  The idea is to flood the desks of politicians by having chapters across the US and Canada put thousands of postcards in the mail on the same day.  While the first 2 or 3 postcards might not be read, the overwhelming number of cards will eventually force people to take notice, and hopefully, inspire them to take action!


Make sure to drop your postcards in the mail on October 11, 2108.  This way they arrive during Nuclear Science Week (Oct 15-19).

Nuclear Science Week 2017 Impact Report

Click here for the 2017 Nuclear Science Week Impact Report.

A Message from the National Steering Chair:

Nuclear Science Week (NSW) has become a grass-roots community programming opportunity to engage in STEM learning, career interest and discernment, and to just learn more about the important positive impact that nuclear science has on the world. Whether you are interested in energy technology, global climate impact, research into new materials, energy production, medical processes, or education, Nuclear Science Week is a chance to focus on the topic of nuclear and learn more.

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Aiken Nuclear Science Events Launch in October

Nuclear Science Week, sponsored by numerous local organizations associated with the Savannah River Site, will feature many diverse, fun and interesting events during the month of October. Although the official National Nuclear Science celebration is scheduled for October 16-20, Aiken’s long history with nuclear science has local groups scheduling events ahead of those dates and even afterward. CLICK HERE to read more of the Bella Magazine article.

NAYGN Hosts 4th Annual Post Card Push Day

North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN) is pleased to support National Nuclear Science Week with its 4th annual Post Card Push Day event on October 12, 2107.  Post Card Push Day is an opportunity to fill out and drop a postcard to your local and state legislators about your support for nuclear power.  Postage and post card costs are covered by the national NAYGN Chapter so it couldn’t get any easier!  Legislators will receive a mass flooding of post cards during National Nuclear Science week (October 16-20) to raise awareness about the benefits of nuclear power.  Email for orders by September 15, 2017.