Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls, ID

This year, NSW will be recognized for the eighth year on October 16-20, 2017, and the NSW “Big Event” will take place on October 12-14, 2017, in Idaho Falls, ID, hosted by Idaho National Laboratory and Idaho Local Section, American Nuclear Society.

“We are so pleased to be with the many committed and engaged professionals at Idaho National Laboratory and the many community partners to observe the 2017 United States Big Event for Nuclear Science Week,” said Jim Walther, NSW Chair. “This week is dedicated to learning, sharing, exploring and questioning the broad array of exciting science and technologies that are part of the nuclear fields. And, this is a week where we celebrate and honor the many contributions of scientists and engineers, medical, educational and energy professionals who have dedicated their careers to presenting nuclear information to our public.”

During this three-day event, attendees will partake in workshops and panel discussions on various topics. Panel topics will include, but are not limited to “Our New Energy: Navigating the Course,” “Advancing Nuclear Energy,” “The Future of Clean Energy” and more. This event will also feature student and teacher activities , Scouting workshops and a sneak preview of an advanced nuclear documentary.

Sponsors for the 2017 Nuclear Science Week celebration include North American Young Generation in Nuclear and URENCO Ltd., LLC.. A number of other organizations will also support the event including Idaho Local Section of the American Nuclear Society, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Women in Nuclear, U. of Idaho ANS Student Chapter, Mothers for Nuclear and Students for Nuclear.

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