Suggested Activities

Need some ideas to get you started in your activities to recognize National Nuclear Science Week in your school or workplace?

Following are some suggestions:

• Hang banners or promotional signs announcing National Nuclear Science Week.

• Sponsor an event, such as a walk for a local charity. Then give your group a clever name and let them know your contribution is in recognition of National Nuclear Science Week.

• Invite a speaker who can talk about nuclear medicine, nuclear safety, or nuclear careers, to your office or school.

• Design a space dedicated to news articles about nuclear science – display them in a hallway or classroom.

• Ask colleagues or students for their stories about a nuclear medicine procedure they have had or have learned about.

• Sponsor a poster contest featuring an aspect of nuclear science.

Celebration Guide

This downloadable Celebration Guide 2014 will give you some creative ideas about National Nuclear Science Week through a variety of actions, such as getting involved in your community, reaching out to the public or to those around you and ideas for your school or company. There are also ideas for professional society chapters.

Logo Information

Click here to download an information sheet on the logo.


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Click here for National Nuclear Science Week letterhead.