2014 – Nuclear Science Week Meme Contest #TeamNuclear

Nuclear Science Week is an opportunity to explore and celebrate all of the ways nuclear technologies are utilized in our world. Nuclear applications are used in energy, agriculture, medicine and security – and this year we want to highlight these partnerships. We challenge individuals, clubs and other organizations to create and submit #teamnuclear memes to the Nuclear Science Week facebook and twitter pages beginning on Monday October 20th, and running through the end of Nuclear Science Week on October 24th. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Make sure to tag your meme with #teamnuclear and #nuclearsciweek so we are sure to find & share. (more…)

2014 – Georgia Regents University to Host High School Students During Nuclear Science Week

Georgia Regents University will introduce local high school students to nuclear technology benefits and career opportunities during GRU Education Day Tuesday, Oct. 21. The event, now in its second year, is held as part of Nuclear Science Week.

More than 60 sophomores and juniors from Evans High School in Columbia County and Technical Career Magnet School in Richmond County will participate in programs taught by regional nuclear experts and supported by faculty from the College of Allied Health Sciences’ Nuclear Medicine Technology and Radiation Therapy programs. (more…)

2014 – Value of STEM Skills Highlight Nuclear Science Week

Science, Engineering, Technology and Math – popularly known as STEM – is the new wave of specialized training leading to well-paying jobs in technology-based fields ranging from nuclear energy to computer technology, homeland security, space exploration and more.

STEM-based career opportunities will be featured during Nuclear Science Week October 20-24 as employers and educators throughout the Central Savannah River Area come together to bring greater awareness of the many careers available within nuclear technology and other high-tech industries. (more…)

2014 – Nuclear Science in Our Everyday Lives: By Dr. Susan Winsor

Employers and educators in our region are coming together this week (October 20 – 24) to observe Nuclear Science Week, celebrating the benefits and opportunities that nuclear energy creates for America every day.

Unseen and too often unheralded, nuclear science supports nearly all our everyday activities. From electricity to power homes and businesses, to tools for sophisticated medical diagnosis, to the high degree of security we enjoy as a nation -nuclear technology plays a constant and vital role in our daily lives. (more…)

2014 – The Nuclear Debate. Introductory level course for future teachers of Science – By Claudio Perez Matzen:

I’ve been teaching introductory Nuclear Physics in an elective course for many years at Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación (UMCE) in Santiago, Chile, a public university working on the preparation of new teachers for the Chilean educational system. The course is aimed to promote the knowledge on peaceful applications of nuclear energy and technology, with special focus on the generation of electricity with nuclear power plants, in a safely and environmentally-friendly way. Each 2nd. semester here (August-December) we have this course running, and we always finish with a nuclear debate in class, discussing the “hot topics” of nuclear power. We have plans this years for an “international debate” using Skype, with my students and a group from the Nuclear Engineering Program of the University of Utah (Salt Lake City). We hope to succeed!

2014 – Governor Jay Inslee Proclaims Nuclear Science Week in Washington State

In recognition of the contributions of nuclear science and technology, Govenor Jay Inslee of Washington State has designated October 20-24 as Nuclear Science Week in Washington.