Request for Proposal NSW 2016 (October 17-21, 2016)

CLICK HERE to view the NSW 2016 Request for Proposal.

Hosting the NATIONAL EVENT for two or more days of the observation week is an honor and privilege that can bring notoriety and visibility to organizations as partners in the region. Being the National Site host requires concentrated effort and support. By hosting, event planners also build new contacts and networks, share in recognition, reach out to the community at large and have fun. The scale of and number of days that the events will take place are subject to the planning efforts of the Host Committee.


Newsletter from UK Partner in NSW

“During Nuclear Science Week, teachers, students, employers and communities in the US participate in activities that build awareness of the industry and of those who work in it every day,” says Ivan Baldwin of BECBC. “Ours will be the first NSW connection outside of North America which is great news. BECBC is working with the organizers and with museum staff at The Beacon in Whitehaven to create an event in West Cumbria that coincides with n-eboc 15, previews NSW, highlights opportunities and strengthens connections to the nuclear sector and Nuclear Science Week in the US.”


SRSCRO List of Upcoming 2015 NSW Events

The SRS Community Reuse Organization and its affiliated Nuclear Workforce Initiative are working hard in preparation for their 2015 Nuclear Science Week Events. Check out their flyer with details on regional events in South Carolina and Georgia! For more updates on these activities and more, please visit