Nuclear Science Week 2020


Visit the following collection of websites and resources for more information and activities centered on nuclear science.

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    The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues

    This site provides a web-based source of information on a host of topics including nuclear science, the Manhattan Project, the Cold War, nuclear power, nuclear medicine, and nuclear waste. This library provides authoritative information that has been vetted through a National Advisory Board.

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    The American Nuclear Society’s Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information website has a wide range of informaiton, resources, lesson plans, and project ideas useful for teacher and their students.

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    Radtown USA

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s student-focused radiation website, RadTown, has launched with a new look and feel. This interactive, virtual community provides information for students and teachers about different radiation sources, links to additional information and all new graphics and content.

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    U.S. Department of Energy

    The Department of Energy’s website is an excellent resource for learning more about all types of energy, including nuclear energy. Here you will find resources about how we currently use electricity, emerging energy technologies, student programs in science, and more.

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    How Nuclear Power Works

    The Save On Energy website provides information on how nuclear power works. Starting at the molecular level with fission, to the inner workings of a nuclear reactor, to the large cooling towers, it's broken down with simple, easy-to-understand animations.

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    BioEnergy Science Center

    This site provides resources for teachers to prepare lessons to teach students about “Turning Grass to Gas”, and alternative energy sources.

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    Energy Education & Workforce Development

    This Department of Energy site can help teachers prepare lesson that stress the importance of green energy while enhancing require curriculum. Here you’ll find many creative lesson plans, labs, projects, and other activities for grades K-12 on energy-related topics.

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    Science Education connects teachers and students to free, federally-funded Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education resources. This site has links to hundreds of government sponsored websites including NASA, DOE, USGS and NIH.

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    U.S. Nuclear Regulartory Commission Student's Corner

    This site for students presents easy to understand definitions and explanations about nuclear science, nuclear energy, and current events.

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    Mapping how the United States generates its Electricity

    This resource from The Washington Post maps the most common sources of electricity in the United States. Students can investigate how their state gets its energy and what regions of the United States use which types of energy.

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    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Energy Flow Charts

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Energy Flow Charts illustrate estimated energy use in the United States and each state. These charts also show how the energy is used (residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation).

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    The American Society of Radiologic Technologies

    ARST strives to foster the professional growth of radiologic technologists by expanding knowledge through education, research and analysis. The Career Center answers questions and gives advice for those interested in a job in the field.

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    Health Physics Society

    This site provides information and answers questions about radiation and radiation safety. The “Student” section of the site has excellent resources for career exploration.

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    How Stuff Works: Nuclear Medicine

    This site explains nuclear medicine and how it is used to check the body for health issues. PET scans, cardiovascular imaging, and bone scanning are examples of some of the topics students can learn about.

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    The Atomic Archive

    This site explores the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb – a crucial turning point for all mankind.

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    National Lab Network

    The National Lab Network is an e-matching platform that links teachers to STEM professionals interested in their project. Connect with nuclear scientists in your area and add them to your teaching team.

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    Nuclear Pathways Search Engine

    Nuclear Pathways makes information on historic and current nuclear issues more accessible and comprehensible to the public, educators, and students from middle school through graduate programs.

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    International Atomic Energy Agency

    The IAEA site provides information on food/health, safety, technology, and security issues related to nuclear energy and technology. Topics include nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle and waste management, energy planning, economics and finance, nuclear safety, nuclear law, international conventions, as well as nuclear non-proliferation and safeguards. This is an excellent site for current news in nuclear energy and safety.