Between October 19-23, the American Museum of Science and Energy will post a nuclear science related video to our FaceBook page daily.

Here's the lineup:

1. Nuclear Review. A video about radioactivity and half-life.

2. Cloud Chamber Activity. Actually "see" radioactivity in a simple demonstration.
(Kits used for this video can be purchased online at

3. Mini-Rutherford Board Activity. Learn how to detect the shape of object you cannot see using 3D-printed pieces.
(3D-printing Notes: These are all PLA prints with .20mm quality and 5% fill. These 8 files include the top piece, each of the 6 shapes individually, and a single plate print of all the shapes if they want to print them all at once. The print time is included at the end of each file name.)

4. Mini-Rutherford Steam Activity. Turn STEM into STEM using your 3D-printed mini-Rutherford board equipment.

5. Plasma & Fusion. Watch plasma ball demonstrations and learn how plasma relates to a fusion energy reactor that is currently under construction.