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Nuclear technologies positively impact American lives

This week is dedicated to celebrating these innovations
Nuclear Science Week is an international, broadly observed week-long celebration to focus local, regional and international interest on all aspects of nuclear science.

Nuclear Science week explores what it means to “Think Clean. Think Solutions. Think Nuclear.

We do this by educating the public on 5 pillars of nuclear science: Carbon-Free Energy, Global Leadership, Transformative Healthcare, Innovation & Technology, and Space Exploration.

Light up your world!

Take the Mission Fission challenge to split as many atoms as you can while the clock counts down.
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Nuclear Science Week 2020

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Nuclear Science Week invites people from all over the globe to get to know nuclear and participate in a week-long celebration that advances education, stimulates participation and generates communication that provides insight and visibility for the achievements of the nuclear sciences.

There are many ways you can get involved and personally make a difference. Whether you organize an outreach event in your community, engage the public through a professional society chapter, ask a teacher to bring it into the classroom or become a sponsor, you can be an advocate for NSW!