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Local Events

New events for 2021 are being collected now.

Host an event

Here are just a few suggestions on activities and recognizing Nuclear Science Week in your school, workplace or hometown.

  • Host an essay-writing or poster contest for local students on the topic of clean air energy.
  • Hang banners or promotional signs around the office announcing Nuclear Science Week.
  • Select local elementary schools to distribute free samples of items with the Nuclear Science Week message on them. (Items such as pencils, highlighters, notebooks, etc.)
  • Host a Boy Scout Nuclear Science merit badge or Girl Scout Get to Know Nuclear patch workshop.
  • Develop a trivia contest and give prizes to staff who demonstrate the most knowledge about your group’s history and community activities.
  • Hold a membership celebration during Nuclear Science Week.
  • Draft a resolution to your city, county council or state government requesting official recognition of Nuclear Science Week. Host a ceremony, photography, video or news opportunity out of the proclamation.
  • Did your practice win an award, reach an important milestone or add new services? Use Nuclear Science Week as a springboard to spread the news about your organization.
  • Hold your chapter’s annual meeting or awards’ banquet during Nuclear Science Week.
  • Take a picture with your President as he or she signs an organization proclamation recognizing Nuclear Science Week and the organization’s commitment to the involvement in the week.
  • Sponsor a community event during Nuclear Science Week, such as a walk for charity, a local junior sports team or a blood drive.
  • Ask staff to contribute to a bake sale or garage sale, and donate proceeds to a local charity in recognition of Nuclear Science Week.
  • Gather fellow staff or organization members and volunteer your time at a local non-profit during Nuclear Science Week.

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