Nuclear Network Episodes

In 2020 we created free virtual video content, lesson plans and resources that will help your students better understand how nuclear technologies positively impact American lives.
Each 30-minute episode features:


Meet professors from MIT and Emory University; and NEI President, Maria Korsnick

Kid interviews

With nuclear science professionals

Sustainable Energy

How nuclear energy works, how it's innovating for the future and hear from Nuclear Energy Institute

Math & Physics

Learn about the power of an atom and how it creates energy


Learn how nuclear contributes to spacecrafts, power plants and medical devices


Explore the future of nuclear science on Earth and in outer space

Space Exploration

Discover how nuclear has been powering space exploration for decades

Science Shorts

Participate in nuclear science experiments with MIT professor, Dr. Mike Short

Nuclear Science in the Classroom

Want to conduct a hands-on nuclear science based experiment in the classroom? Share your class experiences with us using the hashtag #nuclearsciweek
Lesson Plans
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Light up your world!

Take the Mission Fission challenge to split as many atoms as you can while the clock counts down.
Play Mission Fission