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"Killing me softly with his nukes"

What creature almost started WWIII? When was "goosing" used in an official government report? If a training tape is used to simulate a Soviet attack, do US missile men know? Come to Nerd Nite to hear stories stranger than fiction that will leave you asking - How are we still alive?

Shelly Lesher, Department Chair and Professor of Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UW- La Crosse

"Energy and Society"

Humanity, and particularly the Western world, face an unprecedented challenge from population decline, coupled with the developing world's growing energy demand. The solution to both problems is fortunately the same, increased energy availability. Unfortunately, the existing infrastructure cannot scale enough to keep energy affordable at the scale humanity needs. Of all energy sources, nuclear is uniquely capable of meeting this need, but it too must grow.

Cal Abel, Chief Technology Officer, Signal Power and Light

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