The Brunswick Nuclear Plant Women in Nuclear group sponsored National Nuclear Science Week (NNSW) presentations and activities were a huge success.After attending the WIN National Conference in July, we took the call for local chapters to do more in the area of public outreach to heart. We started with National Nuclear Science Week and community outreach and hit the ground running. We used activities from this site and developed age appropriate activities tied to learning outcomes; worked with the school system’s S.T.E.M. Council and science leads to develop an activity schedule; recruited and trained volunteers.

We were able to reach all five Brunswick County high schools and three elementary schools for a total of at least 1650 students. Fifty-nine volunteer slots were filled by 48 wonderful individuals.

We also held a Robotics Demo was also a success with approximately 20 participants from area high schools and the local high school robotics team, the Wired Wizards. It was a great opportunity for those interested in robotics and engineering to see industrial applications for robotics.

The feedback from the schools has been incredible.

Wonderful presentations today! Our students are talking. EXPOSURE! Thanks again! – Letisha Cobb, North Brunswick High School

The volunteers today for 1st grade were fantastic! Mr Todd Beane did a fantastic job single-handedly educating and entertaining our 2nd grade students this morning! Our teachers have decided that he should consider elementary education as a potential career option!! We are so appreciative of this opportunity! Your staff is helping to sow the seeds for future math and science geniuses! – Laura Webb – Southport Elementary

The students want more career guest speakers! I had Michael Long – he was GREAT. He suggested many career and education paths, not just in STEM/engineering but also in labor, mechanics, HR, safety, environment, law, etc. The student feedback in high school was positive. They were very engaged with questions and joined in the discussion. – Jessica McCoy – Brunswick County Academy

Well done. AWESOME. Great experience. Looking forward to next year. Thank you to all the presenters and Duke Energy for your support. – Tom Ferguson – Brunswick County Schools – High School Science Curriculum Specialist

We are looking forward to participating in NNSW again in 2014.