As Nuclear Science Week (NSW) approaches its fifth year as a national, broadly observed week-long celebration to focus local, regional and national interest on all aspects of nuclear science, a campaign has been launched to revitalize and re-brand NSW and

Over the last five years, the national steering committee – headed by the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History and consisting of individuals from such organizations as Nuclear Literacy Project, National Science Teachers Association, American Nuclear Society and the North American Young Generation in Nuclear– has built more and more momentum in providing teachers, students and citizens with direct access to nuclear technology and an opportunity to engage with nuclear experts.

As the 2014 Nuclear Science Week is just around the corner, taking place October 20-24, 2014, the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History’s marketing department and Suzy Hobbs Baker, Director of Nuclear Literacy Project, are working to develop a completely new website for Nuclear Science Week as well as a new NSW brand and logo.

“Nuclear Science Week is an exceptional event that provides a platform intended to build awareness of the contributions of the nuclear science industry and those who work in it every day,” said Jim Walther, Director of the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History and Chair of the NSW Steering Committee. “Revitalization of the website and logo will help to not only inspire the public to ‘Get to Know Nuclear’, but it will help stimulate participation and generate communication - providing insight into the achievements of nuclear sciences.”

A number of local events take place all over the nation during Nuclear Science Week, and any community is invited to get involved and ‘Get to Know Nuclear.’ The new, user-friendly website will provide ideas and materials to help interested parties participate in the week-long celebration, including but not limited to lesson plans and resources for teachers, ideas on how to get involved as a professional organization and a list of events taking place all over the nation during October 20-24, 2014.

Sponsors for the 2014 Nuclear Science Week celebration include Albert I. Pierce Foundation, American Nuclear Society, AREVA, Energy Northwest, Idaho National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin/Sandia National Laboratories and TerraPower.