Nuclear Science Week is an opportunity to explore and celebrate all of the ways nuclear technologies are utilized in our world. Nuclear applications are used in energy, agriculture, medicine and security – and this year we want to highlight these partnerships. We challenge individuals, clubs and other organizations to create and submit #teamnuclear memes to the Nuclear Science Week facebook and twitter pages beginning on Monday October 20th, and running through the end of Nuclear Science Week on October 24th. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Make sure to tag your meme with #teamnuclear and #nuclearsciweek so we are sure to find & share.

To get started, think about interesting and unexpected ways nuclear applications are utilized in conjunction with other issues or technologies, such as:

  • Grid Hybrization – The integration of nuclear, renewables and other low carbon energy sources. Intermittent renewable sources benefit from stability of nuclear, while nuclear benefits from the flexibility of renewables.
  • Manufacturing – From cars to phones, many of the goods we rely on use nuclear technologies in the manufacturing process. Nondestructive testing using X-Ray and CT Scanning have become essential tools in building some of our favorite products.
  • Isotopic Tracking in Agriculture - Used to support soil and livestock health – especially in the developing world. These tools are essential for human health and development around the globe.
  • Nuclear Medicine – Nuclear applications are used to diagnose and treat health issues ranging from broken bones to cancer treatments. New breakthroughs in nuclear medicine are changing the way we treat some of the most formidable diseases.
  • Water – One of the most important issues of our time, access to water is increasingly impacted by a changing climate. Nuclear can support desalination, provide electricity for large-scale water processing facilities, and is even utilized in some countries for pumped storage – maximizing hydroelectric production.
  • Climate Mitigation & Adaptation– Advanced nuclear technologies including Small Modular Reactors and Nuclear Batteries are slated to help respond to climate change on a global scale in coming years as international effort & cooperation continues to accelerate.
  • Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation- Generation IV reactors currently in development show great potential for tackling our stockpiles of nuclear waste & weapons by transforming them into clean energy. A new generation of nuclear scientists are working tirelessly to make these technologies are reality.

Nuclear is a team player and the #teamnuclear meme contest seeks to explore all of the ways nuclear intersects with issues we all care about like health, climate and energy. If you need more inspiration, check out these Prezis with loads more info on how nuclear powers our world:

Example Meme: