Click here for the 2016 Nuclear Science Week Impact Report.

A Message from the National Steering Chair:

Nuclear Science Week (NSW) has become a grass-roots community programming opportunity to engage in STEM learning, career interest and discernment, and to just learn more about the important positive impact that nuclear science has on the world. Whether you are interested in energy technology, global climate impact, research into new materials, energy production, medical processes, or education, Nuclear Science Week is a chance to focus on the topic of nuclear and learn more.

I am pleased to provide this report, although it cannot hope to capture every event, aspect, and nuance of the many people and organizations that participated in Nuclear Science Week, 2016. Nuclear Science Week expanded into new service areas and thereby impacted far greater audiences in 2016 than in past years.

This report should help partners, participating organizations, sponsors, and the public to see the rich opportunity for discussion and dialogue about the important role that nuclear energy plays in our world. Through countless contacts, celebrations, presentations, one-on-one interactions, visitations, and webcast viewings, NSW brings a kaleidoscope of current technical information, career paths, research excitement, industrial applications, and medical practices to many people. Many of these are school students who know little about this energy form but are excited to learn more. Much outreach takes place in these communities, but even more remains for the years ahead. If you are one of the many participants in NSW 2016, I thank you, and I hope you will join with us again next year with an observance that is unique to your interest, organization, or community.

James Walther
National Steering Committee
Nuclear Science Week