NSW 2018 International Impact Report

A Message from the National Steering Chair:

Nuclear Science Week (NSW) is getting bigger, with many great voices are joining into the conversation about the exciting world of nuclear. Each person helps us to improve the planning processes to create learning opportunities and showcase great science and acknowledged innovation. I want to thank and recognize our superb International Steering Committee of hard-working professionals from around the globe in so many places and fields of work. Your efforts, individual and in teams make NSW the most effective opportunity for broad general communication with the non-technical audiences that we know are interested.

It is this interested general public who we need to speak to, listen to, talk with and share with. They have a need for current accurate information about the role of nuclear energy as a resource that is trusted and can be counted upon. Our International Steering Team helps us reach these people in eight different countries now. Again, thanks to each of you for your continued commitment.

I would also like to extend deep appreciation for a strong and continuing partnership with The American Nuclear Society. The ANS and its fine staff utilize NSW as a communication opportunity to reach professionals, constituents and the public and offer leadership to those thousands of professionals in sections all across the US who put on programming in observance of Nuclear Science Week. 2018 represents the first year of a multi-year sponsorship and partnership in presenting the events in the United States. The Chair wishes to thank Palo Verde Generating Station for this and future support in continuing Nuclear Science Week.

James Walther
National Steering Committee
Nuclear Science Week