In 2014, a dozen U.S. WIN (Women in Nuclear) chapters sponsored outreach and learning opportunities across a variety of age groups and disciplines to communicate the importance of nuclear science. Activities included outreach information sessions with elementary students, hands on experiments with uranium nucleus models, and demonstrations on electromagnetism and half-life decay. Some chapters even took their program on the road by visiting multiple locations in one day. Chapter members logged dozens of volunteer hours and reached hundreds of community members, sharing the importance of nuclear science.

Events included:

  • The PSEG Chapter tripled public outreach by reaching 350 students and adults, sharing the positive message about nuclear.
  • The Nuclear Science Night at the Episcopal School of Knoxville, with volunteers from the Oak Ridge and University of Tennessee Chapters, was a huge success as students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade explored several rooms of experiments on nuclear detection, electrical circuits, electromagnetism and half-life decay, even a cloud chamber demonstration.
  • Duke Energy Piedmont Chapter organized several activities in support of NSW 2014 that included school presentations, a teacher presentation, homeschooler events, a realtors’ luncheon and a presentation to Wake (County) Young Women’s Leadership Academy.
  • With the support of plant’s general manager and U.S. WIN executive sponsor, along with a small army of 85 volunteers that included 30 members of the site’s leadership team, the Brunswick Chapter took their Nuclear Science Street Fair on the road to all five of the county’s middle schools reaching 2,047 sixth and seventh graders.
  • The Three Mile Island Chapter helped students visualize the fundamentals of nuclear fission by hosting a session for eighth graders during NSW.
  • Grand Gulf Nuclear Station’s Chapter along with North American Young Generation in Nuclear and the Diversity and Inclusion Council hosted an NSW event for approximately 130 high school science teachers and students in October to help build awareness of the many contributions of the nuclear science industry and those dedicated and highly-trained employees who operate the facility safely, securely and reliably.

To read more about how U.S. WIN Chapters participated in NSW 2014, please see the WIN newsletter, The WINning Edge.